Nathaly & Eudes

"Eudes & Nathaly met on a dating app called “Upward”. The app requires both parties to match before initiating a conversation. They chatted for a few weeks before Eudes asked Nathaly out on a date. Initially, he suggested they meet at Barnes & Noble for a cup of coffee, but Nathaly was not feeling well on the scheduled day, so they rescheduled."

"Their second date was on a Friday night in July 2021. Nathaly was running late because of work and arrived an hour after their planned meeting time. When she arrived, she did not see Eudes but noticed a handsome gentleman sitting near the entrance of the bar. Nathaly texted Eudes to let him know she was there, and to her surprise, the gentleman she had noticed turned around and asked if she was Nathaly. Despite being an hour late, Eudes was patient and understanding. He had even invited a friend to join them at the restaurant because he thought Nathaly would not show up. After dinner, they walked to Nathaly’s car, where Eudes asked her out on another date" ...

"Eudes and Nathaly continued to see each other regularly after their second date. They spoke on the phone every day, went to church together, met each other's families, and planned trips. On November 13th, 2022, Eudes proposed to Nathaly, and she said yes!

... on March 11th, 2023 they tied the knot!

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