The romantic tale of Grace and Rob

Grace and I met up in the woods of New Hampshire. I was starting my surgical residency, and Grace was finishing medical school at Dartmouth. We were both the kind to test the relationship early on, so we took a trip to Miami 3 weeks in. Our friends were concerned, but we came back in love and so happy to have found each other. The next 4 years are a wonderful tale of us moving in together right before the lock down, finding that we couldn’t really picture not living togethe..., only to be challenged by a year of distance as Grace moved to LA for her job in OBGYN. Fate favored us and I soon had a job in LA as well.  We come back to Miami every year to pay homage to the city where we fell in love. When I wanted to propose to Grace, there was only one place to do it. She said yes and I’m the luckiest man on Earth! 

The end, the beginning. 

Thanks again for the amazing experience you provided for our engagement photos! We’re so grateful.


G & R

Miami Beach, FL