Andrea & Mick

... In 2018 I moved to Houston after I graduated college to start working at ExxonMobil. I started working in operation on the products trade floor around July and met a new friend, David Page who worked a couple of desks behind me. Mick who had gone to college and grad school with DP was also moving to Houston and living with DP but started after us. When Mick finally moved down DP introduced us. One day a someone posted in the new hires group chat if anyone wanted lunch. 4 people ended up going: sabrina, Zack, Mick, and I. We had a great time and and couldn’t stop talking. Since then we started talking and going to more events together.
"My birthday: for my birthday mick was going to take me to a Latin bar to go dancing. We went, I made him take 3 shots (which he hates), we danced and had our first kiss. The next day he invited me to spend the day with him and their apartment at the pool and since then we started spending all of our time together."
"Engagement: Fast forward 3 years later, we went on a group trip to North Carolina. On one of the days we had a hike planned at Crowder Mountain. Mick was acting a little strange as we were hiking up and at one point broke off with part of the group and was way ahead of the rest of us. When we got to the summit our friend suggested we go take a couple photos just the two of us in a pretty private area with beautiful views. When we were in our little secluded spot Mick proposed! Keep in mind Mick is extremely scared of heights and he climbed a mountain because he thought it would be a beautiful place for us to get engaged :)"
We both decided to leave the oil & gas industry and at at that point decided to leave Houston. We made the decision to move to Miami! We moved here, got married here and are living with our little frenchie, Gustavo!
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