Ideas for Beach Photoshoot Poses

Even though you are at a beach and you can be more relaxed during the photo session, there are still some dos and don’ts to consider when figuring out how to pose for your beach photoshoot.

Beach poses for family

When taking a family photo during your travels, it’s tempting to simply huddle up and smile for a selfie. Next time, try blocking out time for “good” photos with a professional photographer, and then just enjoy the rest of your trip knowing that you don’t have to stop and take photos everywhere. We promise that the vacation photos you’ll get will become your new favorite souvenir.

When having a photoshoot with young children, sometimes the best shots aren’t still posed but by the family being themselves. Even just the act of walking together along the beach, laughing and talking as if you aren’t having a photoshoot. Let the photographer do the work by getting the angles that look the best and capture your family.

If you do want to pose, perhaps sitting together chatting and playing with young children. Lifting up the kids and just playing often gets the best and most natural shots.

Poses for Women

No matter your body shape or size, the way you sit can really change how you look on camera. Keep your posture strong and bring your knees up with toes pointed forward for a flattering seated pose. You can either lean towards your knees, looking at the camera or arching back with your arms supporting you. Walking away from the camera and looking over your shoulder is another great pose. Or if you are wearing a flowy dress, consider slow spins and allow the full skirt to move, creating a beautiful silhouette.

Beach Couple Poses

As mentioned above, a beach couple photoshoot needs to capture the love. Any pose with a couple holding hands and looking each other in the eyes shows romance. Walking and chatting like no one is watching will also create natural and unforced love. Leaning into the arms of your partner either standing or sitting is also a nice relaxed-looking pose.